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December 11, 2010
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Rhys by Krad-Eelav Rhys by Krad-Eelav
EDIT just found an awesome collection of Rhys fanart if you're interested. x3 [link]

I'm home now, and all I want to do for four weeks is to sleep, eat, play FE, and draw. In that order. :la:

Anyhoo, I stumbled across a thread online God-knows-where about a "manly Rhys".

At first I was all "Rhys who?"

And then I realized I had forgotten about a PoR character. LE. GASP.

This was my punishment / funtimes / randomdraws. :D

Shoulda added some blood splatters in the BG. Badass priests YEY!
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Rhys: ""
Tora-the-Underdog Sep 17, 2012  Student General Artist
Holy God! He is quite manly. I like.
i use Rhys all the time and on my first playthrough of PoR he maxed out magic, resistance, and speed on lvl 20 priest. He doubled all of the enemies except swordmasters, ravens and cats
He's pretty boss in RD too; stuck Daunt, and I think Resolve on him and he literally solo'd all of Ike's maps. ;D Love how in FE even the freaking priests can be killing machines, haha.
he was one of my endgame team wielding Rexaura, along with Ilyana with Rexbolt she has so much speed on my second playthrough, Soren with Rexcalibur, Pelleas with the SS dark tome in which i cannot spell(second playthrough and onward),Lucia with Alondite, Stefan with the other SS sword i cannot spell, Leonardo with Lughnasadh(first playthrough only)and even he has so much speed for his speed growth, Rolf with the Double Bow, Boyd with the Urvan, Calill with Rexflame, and Nephenee with Wishblade. i didn't include the characters that are forced.
Indecisive-Mimic Dec 10, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YEEEEAH! Rhys! <3 I've always had a thing for male healer types. When playing PoR I always used Rhys, by the time he'd finished leveling he was like unto a GOD.

Don't mess with healers, they know how you're put together - they know how to take you apart :D
Nice! I don't usually use them, but in RD, if you level him up fast + early, I swear he's a one man killing machine in several of the GM maps. It was awesome. ;D

And hahaha, you're so right about the last line. Gotta watch out for 'em~
oh my gosh :lmao: no one will ever mess with rhys now!!
Kinlyu Jan 31, 2011  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Aw, how could you forget him?! If he wasn't wearing white, I'd consider cosplaying him... (but no, all healers wear white, kind of XD)

Manly Rhys looks like his healing skill would hurt more than the actual damage did... ^^; All healers are badass though, I mean, what would you do without them XDD
xD It'd be kind of funny seein' a healer wear BRIGHT MAGENTA. JUST BECAUSE.

Yeah, for sure! Some of the medics in WWII were even more dangerous than the soldiers themselves xD
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