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March 29, 2010
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Nabarl - Fin by Krad-Eelav Nabarl - Fin by Krad-Eelav

I'm beginning to like artblocks.. since right after I have 'em, I often improve the most.

Had so so so much fun with this yet learned tons. Coloring, anatomy, clothing, you name it.

Oh, and Nabarl, you are so fangirl bait. heh heh heh. xD

Progress here>

Lemme know if you want a wallpaper - I'll probably upload a B/W shot of his head. :D

Enjoy!~ :D
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yayyyyy!!! its Navarre!! he is my overall second favorite male in the series but my all time favorite in SD
Ahaha, awesome. He's definitely up there on the list for me too. ;D Who's your first favorite?
Levin from GotHW
CocaColaVienna Jul 15, 2011  Student General Artist
I think I just died of a nosebleed... XDDDD

Oh god, I love Navarre so much. FANTASTIC picture!
Noctorno Jul 10, 2011
The sword reminds me of the Wo Dao from "Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn". And I don't care what anyone says, I love that sword.

ReverseFlow Dec 31, 2010

this is, erm, quite nice :333333
great job!
Imagine touching that, your fingers would sizzle at the feeling.
Stunning art!
Mad Skills!
Instant fave!
LOVE it!
Why didn't I find this before? LUV!
First off, I really like the colours on this, especially the blade - it looks very realistic in its shinyness. X3 I also adore the way you shade clothing in general, keep it up!

However, since this is for the "Fashion Show"-contest on the FE-FC: What exactly did you redesign here? You opened his shirt/tunika, removed the long-sleeved shirt that was below, and gave him gloves. I'm sure you could've come up with a better design. :>

Also, his face really bothers me. I really didn't recognize him, even after going fullview. After looking at the OA of Nabarl, I rubbed my eyes. I think your problem is that you always draw this quadratic chin. It DOES look realistic - but not all men in real live have such chins, there's also some that have 'thinner' chins and more feminine facial features as well. And (most of) the FE-swordsmen are more, er, feminine-looking men (in short - bishies XD). I think you could try a bit harder to involve that into your style.

I hope that helped you a little. :>

Originally, this was just more a 'personal' pic, and I only deemed it different enough for the fashion show thing for the subtle twists. xD If I had more time (and if I wasn't so lazy lol) i'd probably do what you'd say.

Thanks for the awesome comment tho :heart:
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